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Civic Health Innovations Framework

Achieving massive, global goals such as the SDGs will require an extraordinary unlocking of latent innovation potential within and across society, and especially amongst citizens and civic institutions. Countries, cities and regions will need to harness and mobilize the knowledge, skills, networks, and motivation within communities to innovate towards more regenerative and distributive futures. We are working internationally with tens of Civil society practitioners, enterprises, scholars, and philanthropic leaders in setting up ‘Common Purpose’ highlighting the need to invest substantial and sustainable resources in the Civic Healthcare Infrastructure.

Bio 9 Ventures backs founders who transform Digital Health landscape and create next decade of industry innovation, partners with cross-border healthcare and life sciences organizations to invest in innovative companies addressing community-centric challenges

With an emphasis on life sciences, consumerization of health care, and frontier medical technology.

  • Ecosystem & Platforms play
  • Clinical Powerhouses
  • Hospital as a Service
  • Healthcare Anywhere
  • Digital Therapeutics
  • Accelerate interoperability
  • Embrace Value based Care
  • Community-centric Innovations

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Keeping Pace with Accelerated World:

Advanced Scientific Computing Research Collaborations

Scientific computing, including modeling, simulation and artificial intelligence, coupled with traditional theoretical and experimental approaches, enables breakthrough scientific discoveries and pushes innovation forward. Bio9ventures coordinated research efforts directed at exploiting the incredible power of Clinical Sciences, MedTech and Digital Therapeutics innovations allow the innovators and scientists to solve the World’s most pressing grand challenge problems in human health. These discoveries will help shape our understanding of the universe, bolster economic competitiveness, and contribute to a better future.

Biotech venture creation is a team sport.

Bio 9 Ventures brings together talented entrepreneurs with experience in research, development, deal making, and commercialization to build value in breakthrough Life Sciences companies.

>20 years

Specialist experience

>10 countries

Partnering deals and exits

>5 clusters

Global Operational Hubs

International Subsidiaries

Connecting & Synergizing 'Life Sciences Ecosystems'

in liaison with Public and Private Enterprises internationally


Tele-Medicine Consortium – Asia Pacific

Consumer Health


Startup Ecosystem – North America

Wireless Technologies


Internet of Things Consortium – Asia

Consumer Health


mHealth Consortium – North America



Artificial Intelligence Consortium – North America

Precision Health