Bio 9 Ventures backs founders who transform Digital Health landscape and create next decade of industry innovation.

We invest across all stages and sectors, with a focus on Diagnostic & Prevention, Clinical Therapies, Connected Health & Telemedicine, Digitalization in Clinical trials, Health Consumerization, Academia driven Research

Diagnostic & Prevention

We invest in diagnostic solutions that often the first step to arrive at a decision on how best to treat a patient. With the emergence of new medical technologies such as wearables, big data, and artificial intelligence, the future of health diagnostics will not only be about timely and precise treatment, but also prevention

Advanced Clinical Therapies

We clinically support the smart therapies that utilizes advanced knowledge, skill, clinical reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking to support the digital therapeutic business models and achieve through customer education and consultation consistent with the goals and objectives

Connected Health & Telemedicine

We invest across the whole Connected Health ecosystem that is continuously evolving through the latest innovations in smart sensors, connected devices, communication infrastructure, software, and apps.

Digitalization in Clinical trials

We support Digitizing Clinical Trials that presents a real opportunity for the development of better drugs by validating them faster and across a wider, more diverse patient population. Virtual, or remote, clinical trials enabled with AI and other technologies are starting to gain traction.

Care Personalization

We enrich Digital Health technologies that can better engage patients, empowering them to take control of their health and making them co-designers of care. We back Precision medicine, also known as personalized medicine, which is a new frontier for healthcare combining genomics, big data analytics, and population health.

Academia - Research

We strongly believe that University-industry collaborations provide better access to the raw materials such as the investment and intellectual capital that are necessary to create compelling data to achieve the quantum of proof for a specific Life Sciences project.