It's Not Just Roads and Bridges: Our "Civic Healthcare Infrastructure" is Crumbling, and Here's How to Fix It

promote cross-border innovative healthcare solutions and expand the pipeline of groundbreaking ideas linked to technology in community health. The goal of 'Bio 9 Ventures' is to leverage emerging technologies such as point of care diagnostics, home healthcare services, telehealth practices, preventive care initiatives and women's health, which demonstrate the immense potential to transform health care delivery.

Civic Healthcare Innovations are essential

"Civic engagement and Civic infrastructure" are a "system of organizations and relationships - with the explicit goal of maximizing public participation and private agencies in service of better public problem-solving." That includes everything from the public health centers where people get access to primary care, to civic information sources and digital channels for learning about and engaging with government and civic healthcare initiatives.

The pandemic revealed vulnerabilities in brittle systems but also opened opportunities for healthcare innovations that should evolve and continue. School boards, city and county councils, and countless other boards and community organizations opened their meetings - many for the first time - making for "a golden age of public health access to the more responsible governmental bodies." However, many public health policies were less responsive, less participatory and less inclusive in today's world.

The good news is that there is considerable bipartisan agreement and momentum for investing in civic assets globally. Various life sciences enterprises, healthcare foundations, communities advocating for the Technology Modernization Funds, that allows governments to propose transformative technology projects to make their programs work more effectively and better engage citizens.

By prioritizing equity and genuine participation, and by working in deep partnership with community foundations and investing in catalytic leaders, civic healthcare infrastructure can help us envision a stronger and healthier world.

Our Civic Healthcare innovations addresses various Community Health Elements:

Bio9Ventures Framing of Civic Innovations

The development of new or better methods, processes, systems or technologies by citizens to: